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Monday, 29 March 2010

Shri Gaura Purnima Mahotsava, 28 February 2010

By Madhavipriya Dasi

Many devotees gathered at the Villa Vrindavana Temple to celebrate the most merciful Manifestation of God, Shri Caitanya Deva.

Shrila Gurudeva offers us teachings, images, memories, deep sentiments and ancient stories that reveal the most intimate nature of this charming Divine Figure.

Shri Caitanya Deva is ekatma: Radhe and Krishna together, one soul; Krishna as source of every power, together with the sweetness, compassion, welcoming and endless mercy of Shrimati Radharani.

The quintessence of the teachings of Shri Gauranga is the unconditioned love of Radhe for Krishna. An unlimited and extremely sweet king of love, manifested by Shri Caitanya throughout His life, constantly absorbed in that special rasa of love ecstasy.”

Shrila Gurudeva tells some salient episodes of Shri Caitanya’s life; His encounter with Ishvarapuri, his acceptance of sannyasa, his transfer to Jagannath Puri, his pilgrimage in southern India, the special love relationships with His devotees and his meeting with the mayavada sannyasi Prakashandanda Sarasvati.

Wherever he was, Shri Gauranga gave to everyone the endless mercy of the Holy Name. Every step he took, it was a dance, every word of his, a love invocation. “Let God enter your heart through His Holy Name. Chant the name of God and your heart will be purified.” Shri Caitanya explains to Shirla Rupa Gosvami the unforgettable metaphor of great suggestion called bhakti lata bija, the seed of the plant of devotional love. At the peak of our luck, our devotion, as a result of pious activities, it is possible to receive the seed of Bhakti, most likely from a devotee of the Lord. This seed must be hosted in our heart so it can become a flourishing plant, capable to give the fruits of devotion. The Bhakti plant must be taken care of so it is not annihilated by the sin.

We must constantly remove the weeds that try to suffocate and kill it. These weeds are called anartha, or conditioners. Our commitment should be to cultivate this plant by chanting the Holy Name of the Lord, without offenses, so that Krishnaprema, the pure love for God can sprout in our hearts.

To eliminate the offensive attitude, Shri Caitanya teaches us to look at every living being in his original constitutional position as servant of the Lord.

Let’s honor Shri Caitanya Mahaprabhu as a kind of Divine Manifestation and as a perfect model of devotee, who reveals the sweet rasa or sentiments of spiritual love for God, all the way to the most intense and elevate sentiment: viraha bhakti, Love while separate from the Loved one.”

At the end of the lecture, Shirla Gurudeva asks his God Brother Traidas Prabhu to offer his realizations on Shri Caitanya Deva. At the end, inspired by the received teachings, we offer a wonderful chant to Shri Gaurahari.

Shri Shaci-Sutastakam

His complexion is the hue of fresh cream tinged with kunkum. He is the ever-fresh Cupid who shoots arrows of newly blossoming flowers. He bears newer and newer moods of emotional ecstasies. He is fond of performing novel dances. He makes ever-new jokes that cause much laughter. His brilliant luster is like freshly cast gold.—I bow down to Gaura, the beautiful son of Mother Saci.

He is endowed with ever-fresh love of Godhead. His radiant luster is like the color of fresh butter. His fresh attire is arranged in ever-new fashions. He relishes ever-new mellows of love for Krsna. He shines in nine-fold new ways while executing the nine-fold processes of devotion. He is permeated with a most auspicious loving nature.—I bow down to Gaura, the beautiful son of Mother Saci.

He is absorbed in devotion to Sri Hari. He maintains the chanting of the names of Hari. While chanting He counts the holy names on the fingers of His hands. He is addicted to the name of Hari. He always has tears of love welling in His eyes.—I bow down to Gaura, the beautiful son of Mother Saci.

He is always removing the suffering of material existence for mankind. He is the goal of life for persons who are dedicated to their supreme interest. He inspires men to become like honeybees (eager for the honey of Krsna-prema). He removes the burning fever of the material world.—I bow down to Gaura, the beautiful son of Mother Saci.

He motivates pure devotion unto Himself. He is most attractive to His beloved servitors. By His dramatic dancing He exhibits the characteristics of the King of paramours. He causes the minds of beautiful young village women to dance.—I bow down to Gaura, the beautiful son of Mother Saci.

He plays karatals as His throat emits sweet melodious sounds and the vibrant notes of the vina are softly played. He thus inspires the devotees to perform dramatic dancing that is infused with aspects of His own devotional service.—I bow down to Gaura, the beautiful son of Mother Saci.

He is accompanied by the sankirtana movement, which is the religious practice for the age of Kali. He is the son of Nanda Maharaja come again. He is the extraordinarily brilliant ornament of the earth. His preaching mood is suitably adapted to the cycle of birth and death. His consciousness is fixed in meditation on His own form of Krsna. He is always accompanied by His transcendental abode.—I bow to Gaura, the beautiful son of Mother Saci.

His eyes, the soles of His feet, and His clothing are reddish like the color that heralds the rising sun. As He utters His own names, His voice falters. He awakens a sweet flavor to life throughout the universe.—I bow down to Gaura, the beautiful son of Mother Saci.

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