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Wednesday, 11 February 2009

A Conference in Perugia on Karmic affinities and affectionate relationships

Perugia, a historic city and the main town of a fertile and open region, welcomed Marco Ferrini who, on January 31st, held a conference titled: “Karmic affinities and affectionate relationships” which took place at the well known Sala dei Notari of Priori Palace.


A great number of participants from different ages and social- cultural backgrounds, listened with great interest to the topics and took part to the program of questions and answers with a lively participation.

In relation  to the Traditional Indian culture, the lecturer explained the concept of karma, according to it, each  action produces a specific effect,  determined by the spirit of acting.

The teachings of ancient Wisdom explain that each human soul  is not only made of matter and psyche, rather, its most precious and essential constituency is made of spiritual nature. Different “electromagnetic and psychological” fields spring from its psychophysical structure, and, consequently,  in relation to their nature and quality, other fields of attraction originate.  For this reason people are born in the same family, because of “karmic affinity”, depending on performed experiences and on the consequent psychological formation and level of consciousness which were originated.

The karmic load is the result of  the sum of the consequences of ones actions.  It is evident that  a good action will not generate the same consequences as a bad action which will harm others with the purpose to achieve a selfish target.

The highest goal of existence is to reach the understanding and growing inside, step by step along the Journey of Life, a kind of compassionate Love that allows us to relate to others in as much constructive and evolutionary way as possible, so as to reach the highest level of pure devotional Love for God and for all creatures, the real source of happiness, as shown by the great acharyas of the various spiritual authentic Traditions.


The purpose of man is realizing his divine nature, with the understanding of the importance to live without making enemies and without damaging any other living beings because we are all part of the same common divine origin.  We should grow  in goodness, respectfulness, tolerance and show compassion for all creatures, realizing our deep instances, while releasing the conditionings caused by the  distorted and egocentric perception of our self, which is the main cause of sufferance and personality disturbances.

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