H.G. Matsyavatar Das

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Nourishing consciousness

Every morning the meditation on the Mahamantra offers us the possibility to discover important things, for example to achieve those intuitions which are rarely obtained during other moments of the day, because usually we are too busy in carrying out our worldly activities or mundane duties, which, of course, are also useful if we make them functional to our spiritual development.
But those sweet and sharp, enlightening and inspiring intuitions we can obtain during the Brahma Muhurta hours through the meditation on God’s Holy Names are the essential life lymph of our consciousness.
Through the practice of meditation, when we engage in it rigorously and intensely, many veils are lifted, some dark sides of our inner depths are enlightened; we get profound perception and sudden insights of concepts and solutions which are not part of the logical or mental world, but, on the contrary, of the hi
gher dimension of inspired intuition. These intuitions arise, they become clear, and we become aware of these events happening inside us, as if they were facts that reveal themselves in our deepest part; we then have to be able to hand them down to the practical and relational situations we go through, that means in everything we do.
If life couldn’t be nourished with these intuitions and spiritual emotions, with these inner discoveries, with these intense and lively energies of change, it would be smothered by routine, just as something rolling up itself, and people would remain plastered, stuck in their conditionings. It’s these spiritual intuitions which give vitality and value to our life.
Matsyavatara das

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